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Mexico Guatemala Belize Honduras El salvador Nicaragua Costa-rica Panama Colombia Venezuela Guyana Suriname French Guiana Trinidad & Tobago Barbados St lucia Martinique Dominica Guadeloupe Jamaica Dominican Republic Haiti Cuba St kitts & Nevis St martin & St barthelemy Grenada St Vincent & The Grenadines Netherlands Antilles Aruba The Bahamas Antigua & Barbuda

Interactive Map of the ACS Countries bordering the Caribbean Sea


The Greater Caribbean is a political concept created by this assembly to lay the foundation for unity among ACS member countries. With this concept, the most inclusive of those that define the zone bordering the Caribbean Sea, emphasis is placed on the common historical, social and cultural characteristics of its members.

Geographically, it links the Antilles and numerous countries whose territories are not entirely Caribbean, but who share them with other zones like Central America; North America; Andean countries and other areas of South America.