CONSIDERING: 1. The untimely passing of Dr. Norman Girvan on Wednesday 9th April, 2014; 2. That his passing represents an irreparable and painful loss for his family as well as the professional, academic and diplomatic world; 3. That Dr. Girvan was the Second Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States, ACS, elected by the Ministerial Council at its 5th Meeting in December 1999 in Panama City, Panama; 4. That he was an outstanding dignitary and great person whose warmth, diligence and sense of humor won him the respect and friendship of those who knew him; 5. That Dr. Girvan’s academic career, which emphasized Caribbean Integration for the most part, serves as a sterling and unmatched example of excellence and commitment; 6. That he significantly advanced the work of the Association, tirelessly promoting the ACS as a Cooperation Zone, and reinforcing in no small measure, the foundations for what can be recognized today, at its 20th year, as a relevant forum for dialogue and concerted action, as a result of synergies in the areas of vital interest to the Greater Caribbean. THE MEMBER STATES OF THE ASSOCIATION, AS WELL AS THE STAFF OF THE SECRETARIAT, PAST AND PRESENT: 1. Express their regret at this great loss, and prays that Dr. Girvan will rest in peace; 2. Express their condolences and solidarity with his family members; and 3. Commit themselves to strengthen with great enthusiasm and fervor, his legacy at the Association of Caribbean States. Port of Spain, on this 10th day of April, two thousand and fourteen.
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