The Special Committee on Sustainable Tourism

The Special Committee on Sustainable Tourism is a technical body meant to assist in the performance of the Ministerial Council. It brings together the representatives of the Members States to discuss issues and projects related to the sustainable development of tourism in the Greater Caribbean.

Mission statement:

In recognition of the importance of tourism for the national, economic and social development of political entities of the Caribbean Region, the Special Committee on Sustainable Tourism (SCST) seeks to ensure the attraction of the destinations while at the same time facilitating the development of good practices with regard to the protection of the physical environment and local communities.



  • To achieve the ratification of the Convention, which is essential to the region's efforts to develop tourism and cover such areas as cooperation among members and definition of the different types of products available.
  • To establish criteria for sustainable tourism destinations.
  • Following the signing of the Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Caribbean (STZC) the Committee will also follow through the process of implementation, coordination and perfection of the mechanisms for identification, analysis, approval and categorization of the tourist destination that ACS member countries propose.


The ACS Sustainable Tourism Work Plan Structure was approved at the 27th Meeting of the Special Committee on Sustainable Tourism held in Managua, Republic of Nicaragua, on the 8th and 9th of July 2016. With that approval, the projects and activities are now focused on the following 3 thematic areas: