ACS meets with Caribbean Export Development Agency

The Directorate for Cooperation and Resource Mobilisation (DCRM) under the stewardship of Director Ingrid Jacobs, held a meeting with the Executive Director of Caribbean Export Development Agency, Deodat Maharaj. There were conversations towards forging partnerships in cooperation and the importance of building bridges between countries in the areas of business, and private sector development. Together, we believe that there is need to promote new markets for evolving times. Participating officials from Caribbean Export, also included Damie Sinanan, and JoEllen Laryea. Other participating ACS officials, included the Directorate for Trade and Sustainable Development under the stewardship of Director Safiya Horne-Bique and her team Safiya Reid, and Malikah Pino. Lionel Michel, Kafi Nicholas, and Johakson Moncada represented the DCRM.