Regional Tourist Safety And Security Network

The main aim of this initiative is to maintain and enhance the image of the Caribbean as a safe and highly rated location for tourism investment. The strategy to be pursued is the establishment of a Regional Tourist Safety and Security Network (RTSSN) for the Greater Caribbean through dialogue, specific action plans, and strategic interaction between governments, and national and regional tourism and hospitality stakeholders.


The region markets itself as a safe destination for tourist. It is therefore critical to the survival of the tourism industry to maintain this image of the Caribbean as a safe haven. However, threatening to tarnish the image and consequently threaten the industry are increasing levels of crime in a number of countries, including crime against tourists.

In reality crime and harassment against tourists are components of the broader issue of visitor safety and security. Among the other pertinent security issues are the safety of borders and ports; adequacy of the infrastructure; food safety; integrity of health and health care delivery systems; disaster preparedness and effectiveness of crisis response mechanisms, and mitigation systems; environmental integrity. Of importance also is the region’s capacity to combat terrorism, and manage/mitigate crime and harassment.

Under this programmatic area, the ACS aims to fulfill its mandate to establish a regional cooperation mechanism on tourist safety and security through the co-ordination of inter-agencies collaboration for drafting specific plans of action at the regional, national and institutional level. The main objective is to maintain the image of the Caribbean as a safe haven and highly rated location for tourism and investment.