Sustainable Tourism Programs

The political will of the ACS Head of State and/or Government to utilise tourism as a tool for sustainable development would require the participation of all regional tourism stakeholders to become a reality. The ACS’ Sustainable Tourism Work Programme has been conceptualised to create a portfolio of projects that would form the basis for the establishment of the Caribbean as a Sustainable Tourism Zone.

Taking into consideration the ACS’ New Vision crosscutting issues discussed at the 4th Summit of ACS Heads of State and/or Government in Panama in July 2005 on political focus and the formulation of long-term programmes, this Programme is supported by four major Programmatic Areas, under which projects are identified and executed. These projects are focused on the overall objective of the ACS Sustainable Tourism Directorate to develop initiatives that would facilitate consultation, co-operation and concerted action among ACS Member States and Associate Members in the area of Sustainable Tourism.

The four ACS Sustainable Tourism Programmatic Areas are:

  1. Establishment of the Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Caribbean (STZC)
  2. Promotion of Multi-Destination Tourism
  3. Establishment of the Centre for the Promotion of Language and Cultures for the Greater Caribbean (CPLC)
  4. Establishment of the Regional Tourist Safety and Security Network (RTSSN)