Actividades específicas

Specific Activities

  1. Preparing legal opinions, studies and advice on the interpretation of the Convention Establishing the ACS, the main legal instruments of the Association, the Ministerial Council Agreements and on the interpretation and drafting of rules of public international public law, including on the Privileges and Immunities of the ACS. This includes making proposals for the revision, legal editing and codification, where appropriate of relevant instruments
  2. Preparing agreements and other legal instruments regulating relations of the ACS with Member States, Associate Members, Observers, Social Actors, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and other legal entities;
  3. Preparing draft rules of procedure and advising ACS organs and bodies on the conduct of business;
  4. Providing secretariat and Rapporteur services to the Caribbean Sea Commission. In this regard, maintaining contact with the Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea of the United Nations Secretariat, organizing mandated meetings of ACS Legal and Oceans Experts and assisting in the formulation of the legal framework pertaining to the Caribbean Sea as a Special Area, for international acceptance, and which will be adopted by the Ministerial Council;
  5. Providing Secretariat and Rapporteur services to the Working Group for the entry Intro Force of the Main ACS Legal Instruments;
  6. Dealing with questions arising out of the Headquarters Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and dealing with issues of Privileges and Immunities with other Members and Associate;
  7. Preparing studies on relevant Articles of the Convention, the Main Legal Instruments, Ministerial Council Agreements and other legal rules, for the Repertory of Practice of ACS Organs and bodies;
  8. Providing legal advice on procurement, the drafting and negotiation of contracts and other commercial matters, as well as claims and disputes involving operational activities of the Organization, its organs, bodies and funds;
  9. Representing the Secretary-General, the Secretariat of the ACS and the Caribbean Sea Commission, as deemed appropriate;
  10. Representing the Secretariat of the Association in commercial and other disputes relating to matters upon which the Office provides advice;
  11. Preparing analytical papers, background studies and drafts of international treaties, conventions, agreements and other instruments;
  12. Preparing, reviewing and coordinating studies for the Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs;
  13. Preparing publications and disseminating information on the practice of international law by the Association;
  14. Organizing, in collaboration with the Directorates and other Units, seminars and training programmes in specified areas;
  15. Analyzing, registering, filing, recording and publishing treaties and other international agreements concluded pursuant to the Convention in parallel with the Work of the Republic of Colombia, as Depositary of the Main Instruments of the Association;
  16. Maintaining an electronic database and information system to facilitate access to treaty and other legal information and providing advice and information on treaty law and related matters; and     
  17. Collaborating with Budget and Administration in receiving Interns and other persons from Member States, Associate Members and Observers who are interested in learning about the work of the Association